Checking on the allotment

I love to garden, but I don’t love going to our allotment. The neighbours we have are a mixed group, we have some great ones like this fabulous guy from Iran is extremely talented at growing and is always happy to help out, and our direct neighbours are a really lovely older Chinese couple who are happy that I love coriander and often give us bunches of chinese vegetables… but there are others who unfortunately make me incredibly uncomfortable.  I won’t go into details but it’s not really a place I feel particularly safe at, which is a huge disappointment because gardening is something I really enjoy.

Because we live in a rental apartment, and it is difficult to get allotment gardens where I live we decided to continue gardening but try to find ways of making it so I felt more comfortable being there. I tend to go quite early in the mornings to avoid people being there however I needed to drop off some cardboard for covering weeds, and so I went around lunch time today.

This was the first time I have been since winter so it was exciting to see how the garlic was coming along and to see the saskatoon berry bush in flower.

A panorama of one side of the allotment taken on my mobile phone.


Hoping to get the pallet collars (pallkrage) down there in the next few days to put inside our small greenhouse and get some more weeding done, as we have an invasion of ground elder (kirskål) to deal with.

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