update: corn, pumpkin, burdock seedlings



Here are the corn seedlings, they all seem to be fairing well and enjoying the sunlight on our balcony. I don’t leave them out on our balcony overnight just yet because it’s still dropping to around 4-6 degrees C.


This is one of the pumpkins who seems quite happy and healthy unlike the soil to the right which is an older chili plant which seems to have some white fungal growth. I will be replanting it today and covering with new soil to see if that helps any. Though it’s no problem if it dies because I have newer plants (2 I was gifted), and some I have planted earlier in the year.


This is the first time I’m growing burdock…and haven’t actually ever eaten it other than in as a flavour in artisanal soda, but it will be interesting to see if these take off once they are planted out on the allotment.

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