Garden equipment

Finally got around to planting the corn seeds (Painted Mountain) a fairly sweet flour corn, that can be milled or eaten roasted. There is some good information about this corn here. We tested growing this corn a few years ago, and it gave a relatively good harvest considering that it had been a fairly wet summer. Hopefully we will be able to harvest some for making tortillas later in autumn.

We won’t be growing any tomatoes this year because we missed the dates we would have needed to plant them because of a death in the family,  and also because of our small apartment size it does make it difficult to grow everything of interest to us in such a small space.

On happier news, our very small order from Lindbloms  arrived yesterday in preparation for the coming season. It included a hoe /cultivator? (bygelhacka), some insect nets, and some frost protection sheeting as well as red clover seeds to test on our allotment as a green manure.

I am hoping that in a few years we will have enough savings to buy a small farm so that  we can grow vegetables/fruit on a little larger scale and also not have to deal with the allotment people who are fairly pro using toxic chemicals for weed control, as well as other reasons.

I hope those in the northern hemisphere are enjoying this spring season and have a good gardening season to come 🙂




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