Cider, Fruit wine and Vinegar course

I must apologise for neglecting this blog yet again, but life tends to get in the way of me typing up blog entries.

A week ago I attended a great course held by Eldrimner, a resource centre for artisanal food production in north Sweden on commercial cider, fruit wine and vinegar making. It was a 3 day course taught by Guillaume André, a fantastic teacher from an agricultural teaching centre in Florac, France. Despite being translated by a somewhat lack-luster translator the course was a success. I am also very grateful for having studied basic french at university. Guillaume is incredibly knowledgeable on the french techniques for creating cider, fruit wines and vinegars and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to take the course.

Here are a few photos from the course. 🙂

Here is a interesting video of a vinegar producer in France, you can see how they store their vinegar as well as how they infuse the vinegar with flavour. ( It looks like a round cloth ball that is hung just above the liquid, and in the summer heat the vinegar steam infuses with the herbs/flavours in the fabric.

Whilst this is mostly just a dream right now , I hope to be able to use this knowledge in a commercial enterprise sometime in the future.

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