Harvesting pickles

We have already harvested a bunch of rather large pickles (Northern Pickling). The plan is to ferment them for later on. As you might be able to see their is added dill, horseradish, chili flakes, mustard seeds and garlic. I use refillable tea bags to help keep the spices submerged and I have a combination of glass lids (weck brand) and some ceramic pickle weights. If anyone is looking for a reliable recipe for fermenting pickles I can recommend this recipe.

I also harvested about 2 kilos of black currants and turned it into a cordial syrup for my husband. I used this recipe if anyone is interested.  We also harvested about 4 kilos of red currants some we ate fresh with our breakfast but the rest are frozen for later on. We don’t eat alot of jam and I still have some canned from previous harvests so I haven’t made any more.

I haven’t been doing a whole lot of work at the allotment even though I would really love to start prepping some garden beds for garlic . I unfortunately have had some issues with my thumbs because of hypermobility in the joints. I am hoping to get back into it in a week or so. Wish me luck. 🙂

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