Garlic planting

On the weekend we planted four new types of organic white garlic bulbs- Theridrome, Messidor, Messidrome and Vigor, plus the purple Sabadrome and  Sprint (Primor) varities.


‘Thermidrome’ produces ivory white cloves of garlic in summer. The bulbs are ready when the leaves begin to turn yellow. Gently lift with a fork to break the roots and leave to dry in the sun for a few days. The bulbs should keep for several months. Plant individual cloves in a sunny spot during the autumn for the best-sized bulbs.


Comes from French production, producing large white bulbs with excellent flavour for all culinary uses.


Messidor is a softneck autumn planting garlic  which shows excellent vigour with fat juicy cloves and it grows well in most parts of Northern Europe.


White bulbs with purplish reflections of 12 to 17 beige cloves.

It will be exciting to see how they grow and which grow best in our hard clay soils.

2 thoughts on “Garlic planting

  1. We normally grow our garlic in a hugelbed so that normally helps to drain the soil but we are testing a new place this year and are just hoping that because we have added green material and well burnt horse manure that the soil won’t become too compact. Fingers crossed 🙂

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