Allotment updates.

The corn seems to be growing pretty well at our allotment, the bed needs to be weeded. 

My husband and I also built this very basic fence and put the plastic roofing on the greenhouse, we got given an all glass one for a wedding gift but because of the wind a few of them broke, which is why we wanted to replace the roof. 

As far as the rest of the allotment goes, nearly everything is fine. We have our garlic and potatoes which are all happ, the beans are good. We are using newspaper and straw in order to try and kill off some of the weeds (as we avoid chemicals). I have to carry some tomato plants down from our balcony to the allotment. 

Is it wrong that I have also started thinking about what I want to plant next year. 

5 thoughts on “Allotment updates.

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