just a side note…

This is an image of some of the food my husband and I shared during our visit to Helsinki.  This is from a absolutely fantastic restaurant called Restaurant Grön / Ravintola Grön in the Kamppi district.

This isn’t something I would normally post on this blog, but I just feel like it does cross over into what I would like to share with people which is a joy for locally produced, high quality seasonal produce. Rather than this being about the process of growing, this is the end stage enjoying the produce in the best way that also honors the ingredients.

The idea behind Grön is to create tasty, focused, plant-based and  inspiring food that concentrates on high-quality ingredients.
 All this we do in an atmosphere that makes our guest feel relaxed, happy and welcome. 

We offer a small selection of à la carte dishes as well as a four course “Grön Menu”.
The food is based on seasonal, 
organic, wild  and the Scandinavian produce. What grows determines our menu.”

The meals we enjoyed were so delicious, and well prepared. I think this opened up a whole new world for me in thinking about what is available in Sweden, especially things that can be harvested from the wild and how you can prepare vegetables in a really simple but also delicious way.

If you ever get a chance to visit their restaurant I’d highly recommend it.

BeFunky Collage

Our meals were meat free but they do also have a meat based menu.

Some kind of yellow pea ? with kale, cabbage and vinegar. (Tasted better than it sounds)

Asparagus with summer herbs and a special dip (I can’t quite remember what it was sorry!)

Roasted carrot steak cooked overnight, with char-grilled carrots and and carrot slices, and mushroom reduction sauce.

Spruce shoot ‘granita’ with pine cream and almond milk cream.


It’s now August and the days are getting darker and darker. Whilst still warm during the days the weather is shifting into Autumn and the last of the plants are being sown. 
Garlic can go into the ground up until mid October where we live, asian greens and dill are also late season items that people can grow. Our plans are turning to next year and winter protection including using leaves to cover any sensitive plants. 

What are your plans for next year’s growing season?