Our experiment in growing the painted mountain corn worked a treat! Plan on growing more next year now that we know it does well in our climate. Quite frost resistant and does well even on our windy lot.


vintique_image (5)

The seedlings I started indoors about 1-2 weeks ago are starting to germinate, after prepping my pots – I have a combination of plastic seedling starters, a LIDL propagator and some peat recyclable pots which I bought at a second hand store.The pots I am re-using from last year have been washed in a mix of bleach and water and then dried.

All my seeds are started in a special seedling mix and some vermiculite. Gladly the weather this year seems alot more reliable than last year and is currently above 0 degrees. I visited the allotment on Monday and discovered that the ground was still frozen and had small ice crystals. But it’s looking more and more likely that I will be able to start planting my plants out soon.

Really looking forward to building our new greenhouse and being able to grow some new berries this year that I can turn into jams and conserves.