new garden bed

I forgot to take a photo before we started to dig up this new garden bed for corn and pumpkin. It has previously been overgrown with knee-high length grass and dandelions as well as moss, nettles and wild garlic. Needless to say it was pretty heavy work trying to break up all the grass roots, especially because we have heavy clay soil. It was covered with black tarpaulin over winter (seen at the front of the bed) and newspaper.


Thankfully we have a grelinette (broad fork) which helps to break up the heavy sod much more effectively than  a shovel or a regular fork.


The pumpkin and corn seedlings are now covered to help reduce the wind and sun and to provide some extra warmth during the nights.

My husband and I will be in Finland for a few days this week and so our planting has been a delayed somewhat because I don’t want to plant seeds/seedlings without having someone to water them.

But fingers crossed the corn and pumpkins (as well as some beans) are able to establish themselves without too many problems and that we get some rain while we are away.

Straw bales and other things…

This straw bale was delivered today to our allotment, luckily we managed to convince the seller to deliver it to us because neither myself or my husband drive. We are planning on using it as ground cover, in lasagna style garden beds amongst a growing list of things. 


Most of my seedlings are coming alot quite happily, growing in a combination of natural and artificial lighting. I move them from under the flourescent lights into the sun and rotate them as often as possible. The above photo is a tomato seedling called Brandywine. 


in less happy news I have sprained my left ankle quite badly and So have no been able to do many practical chores on the allotment because of it. Hoping that it heals quickly and that i can get gardening again soon.