Hopes for pumpkin!

I am really hoping this pumpkin plant produces some fruit this year, I LOVE PUMPKIN! When I first moved here I was pretty shocked by the lack of edible squash/pumpkin varieties. You can normally find butternut just about everywhere during autumn/winter and I can occasionally find a delicious muscat or kuri (red hokkaido) but that’s about it. I grew up eating a ton of pumpkin so I have really been wanting to grow my own, but we haven’t had much luck in the past with either early snap freezes (prior to us having any decent fabric to cover the pumpkins – which we have remedied) or they were eaten by animals. You can imagine how much I am hoping this beautiful plant can produce something.

The new bed it’s growing in is quite heavy clay and still gets quite a bit of grass growth which we can remedy to a point but it does need another year or so for the larger chunks of clay to brake down into smaller pieces making it more manageable.

The 2nd image is of the lovely female flowers on our cucumbers (which I’m really hoping to ferment), followed by the saskatoons which are slowly turning ripe. We harvest them as they ripen because in previous years they have been gobbled up by visiting birds.

The final image is a pea flower. These plants were growing very slowly but seem to have recovered from the cold we had in June which seemed to have stunted them a little. We have had these under cloth cover to help reduce some of the wind they get buffeted by at our allotment.

Hope your gardens are all growing well.

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