Allotment visits…

Visited the allotment again today to start weeding all the ground elder (kirskål) which covers one of our lots as well as all the dandelions which seem pretty proficient this year. I took down a 18 cm Japanese hand sickle I bought on eBay to test out.

It works quite well, so I think I might invest in a left handed version for my husband. The seller has a variety of different types but as I haven’t got much knowledge of the different uses for them I opted for a basic grass/weeding sickle. Makes removing the ground elder a lot easier compared to just pulling it out, even using the push mower fails because it just flattens them to the ground rather than cutting them off at the base.

I also managed to get the cover back on the plastic greenhouse (polytunnel/plastväxthus) which I can say is probably a fair bit easier with 2 people! hah everytime I would get it about half way the wind would blow and I’d be try to hold it to keep it on. This was also an ebay purchase from a while back. It was quite cheap and despite the frame being pretty flimsy it’s still holding together (3rd season this year).  Looking forward to getting some thing planted out in it :).


This is a front left hand view of the allotment which shows how isolated it is. It is surrounded on two sides by a rape seed farm and just to the left is the railway line. Behind it is a small field and then a closed off yard that the municipality (kommun) uses for growing trees for planting in the suburb.

A problem with the isolation of the lot is that we can’t leave any valuable tools or even furniture down at the allotment because members have had it destroyed or stolen. A few greenhouses were burnt down last year as well, probably by people using them to party in and then leaving a bbq burning or cigarettes.

It is unfortunate because whilst we would like to have a beautiful allotment, at the same time we don’t want to encourage people to stay down there when we aren’t there.

The ups and downs of allotment gardening!

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