Some inspiration…

Now it’s pretty obvious that I’m not a gardening guru, nor an expert on Nordic farming or a particularly active blogger. I would very much like to move from our apartment to a farm however we aren’t quite ready financially to do that, so in the meanwhile there are a few people who I follow or read about a regular basis and learn tidbits from or are inspired by their endeavours that you might also enjoy:

Jean-Martin Fortier‘s  “The Market Gardener: A Successful Grower’s Handbook for Small-Scale Organic Farming” This is a book I have owned for a while now and while it’s not aimed at the home gardener for someone who wants to farm I found it very inspiring, despite maybe not entirely practical/transferable for the swedish market it is a really great read.

There are some critiques of his book that are also interesting to read, if only to help get a more rounded view of farming practices and why this technique may not be applicable in all places.  

In Swedish there is also a podcast called ‘Odlarna’ which is also pretty great and has interviews with a lot of well known gardeners and maybe lesser well known. (in swedish).

I also follow quite a few Instagram accounts, though many are US-centric they can be pretty fascinating to follow. Here are just a couple:
@women_who_farm – Based on a book that features predominantly  white woman in the US/ Canada, this instagram is more broad as they also share farming women of colour, of various ages living in international locations all doing agricultural work. Very cool!

@workinghandsfarm is an Oregonian farm/CSA. I find it really interesting to see what machinery they use as well as the types of produce grown in other parts of the world. – This is not a farmer but actually a Japanese greengrocers. I just love the photos on this account. The produce they sell are really very beautiful and of high-quality. Would love to visit this store. 🙂

For home gardening I love the swedish blog bondjäntan which is more home partial self-sufficiency which is really fun to see.

That’s all for now – Happy Gardening (or reading) 🙂

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