Food waste

I think quite alot of people (myself included) have at some point wasted food. Have you thrown away mouldy vegetables or bread?
According to the study by Gustavsson et. al. “one-third of the edible parts of food produced for human consumption, gets lost or wasted globally, which is about 1.3 billion ton per year.” With the amount of people who are food insecure this is an unacceptable amount of waste. Having known people who lived during the second world war or have been refugees the idea of food waste is something almost criminal. If we take the responsbility for own our part within the food chain not only will we gain financially but also in a social sense.

But instead of focussing on the negative I want to help motivate you to change the way you see your food and help you to reduce the waste created.

Some easy and simple ways to reduce your own families waste include:

  • Plan meals, use grocery lists
  • Buy funny-looking produce – the stranger shaped produce often ends up in the bin and not in the belly!
  • Note upcoming expiration dates on foods you already have at home, and plan meals around the products that are closest to their expiration.
  • Eat leftovers
  • Store better – there are quite a number  of online guides on how to store produce best.
  • Compost!
  • Use it all – this is probably best thought of as how people lived during WW2 and includes using vegetable scraps for soups, eat the stems or skins,

If you are interested in farming and rationing during world war 2 there is a great BBC show called Wartime Farm which I have seen on youtube and highly recommend.

This website Also contains a huge amount of information on the importance of the carrot during ww2, and might give you inspiration for using carrots in your diet.

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