Garden Fair 2014 ( Nordiska Trädgårdsmässa) Stockholm

Trädgårdsmässan 2014 – Nordic Garden Show (Stockholm -2014)

Spent the morning at the Nordic Garden Show a once a year exhibition that has everything from home decoration to composting toilets, tulip sellers from the Netherlands and organic seeds. We went early but it was already full with people (and as we were leaving it was extremely difficult to walk around).

As much as I love seeing large groups people who are interested in gardening, the stands this year felt much more aimed at people who maybe want to get some tulips or their balcony or some concrete garden decorations rather than people who want to grow vegetables or learn about new garden techniques. My husband and I are less interested in consumerism so I guess it didn’t win me over because of that. Another negative is that there are some pesticide companies that go to the exhibition.

However we do buy our seed potatoes from there as well as our fruit bushes as the shipping costs are covered by the price of entry. But unless there is a large shift in next years exhibition I am not sure we would go.

I would however be much more interested in a Permaculture/ Organic garden fair with workshops or lectures rather than just decorative items.

Another criticism is that there didn’t appear to be any activities for people with small children, I think it would have been much less stressful for parents and children if there were some planting activities or similar.

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