Gardening lights


Being a novice at growing using artificial lighting I did some research into the basics

and after working out what our needs are but remembering what our budget was –

we settled on flourescent lights. They are 6700 Kelvin in a regular but hand on

a quite long flourescent lighting ballast which hang on chains so that we can change

the height as required. The lights are now in our kitchen as we live in an apartment  
and have an allotment about 10 minutes walk from us. 

I had seen on ebay some very affordable looking LED garden/grow lights but after

some googling, and reading some blogs which said that they weren’t much more

affective than regular flourescents, and also have a husband
who is somewhat weary of the electrical wiring on some products from HongKong,

they were ruled out as an option, until we can afford the higher quality ones. 

We planted our jalapeno’s, some eggplant seeds as well as paprika, ancho’s and Aji Bolivian red 
chilli’s last week and am just waiting for the all exciting signs on growth. 



Jag är en novis när det kommer till odlingsljus/växtlampor men vi köpte

några lysrör och en lysrörsarmatur från Bauhaus och nu står de i vår kök. 
Vi hade önskat någon LED lampor men p.g.a priset vi bestämde på de lysrör 
Vi planterad flera Jalapeno frön, äggplantor, paprika och några chili förra veckan. 
Men om man vill läsa mer om växtbelysning så kan jag rekommendera

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