Root vegetables

Not surprisingly the vegetables that grow best here are root vegetables. 

Potatoes, carrots, turnips, radish and who can forget ‘swedes’ / rutabaga  etc. Having grown up in an area of Australia where root veges where not particularly interesting flavourwise nor all that common in stores it is certainly much more interesting to see how wonderful they can taste and how much variety is available. 

Another plus side for growing root vegetables is that they allow my husband and I to eat seasonally- which is something that we both try to do year round. Having some variety in root vegetables can definitely help avoid the boredom that can come from eating seasonally in the Nordic region. 

Some great recipes of things to do with root veges are : roasted swede and celeriac, potato dilly salad amongst others and of course soups! 

2 thoughts on “Root vegetables

    • My husband loves beets but I cant eat too many of them. I like them with balsamic and a bit of garlic ..
      We eat quite alot of swede and celeriac during autumn and winter and they are also great roasted.

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