It’s now August and the days are getting darker and darker. Whilst still warm during the days the weather is shifting into Autumn and the last of the plants are being sown. 
Garlic can go into the ground up until mid October where we live, asian greens and dill are also late season items that people can grow. Our plans are turning to next year and winter protection including using leaves to cover any sensitive plants. 

What are your plans for next year’s growing season? 

2 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. It feels autumnal in Ireland too. We usually plant Garlic in November. Purple Sprouting Broccoli is already planted out and doing well. August is the time to plant Oriental Salad Leaves for Winter use.

    • We plant our garlic in mid October, by November the ground is normally too frozen. We are also focussing on trying to brace our greenhouse for the winds and snow. I had some Kale planted but I think the birds decided to pick at it. Our tomatoes are still green so we are hoping they start ripening soon and I have the last of my coriander growing… Coriander is a favourite of mine and tastes absolutely horrid during winter here so I try to grow some and freeze it; though i never have enough of it.

      It’s pouring with rain at the moment, so feeling pretty darn autumnal

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