Thought i’d share this photo of the balcony plants, some are doing better than others. Most of the sunflowers are just loving it at the moment, and I just cannot wait to eat the coriander that is growing. Some of the paeonies I planted early seem a bit sluggish but are picking up slowly. 


Most of the containers (plastic) were gifts but I would really love to eventually change them out for terracotta pots. The only downside to that is that they are alot more expensive here in Sweden and so I am hoping I can find some second hand ones. 


2 thoughts on “Balcony!

    • We try to avoid plastics because of toxin leeching and because they don’t look as nice as terracotta/clay pots. We dont have a huge problem with the pots getting dry because it rains here quite often (we are located about 1 hour north of Stockholm, Sweden).

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