The allotment


The greenhouse is partly up, we had alot of issues getting it together with the wind and only the two of us trying to build it. The instructions were also sadly missing alot of key elements which made it extremely difficult to put together. But it will be great once it is together.
You can also see the amount of dandelions and other weeds in the photo. We only just started using the lott last year and because we are not going to use a mechanical tiller we have to go a bit slower trying to remove all the dandelions. It is suprisingly alot better already (not that its easy to tell from the photo).

I really thoroughly dislike using the lanscape fabric but because we dont currently have enough mulch or the ability to remove the weeds, we have been using it to reduce the amount of weeds. It is also used over the winter to prevent all the snow melting into the soil and just sitting on top of the soil. The soil needs a alot of organic compost added to it, we have a large amount of well rotted horse manure on parts of the lot which has substantially helped the texture and the level of compactness of the clay soil.


Here is some of the garlic my husband planted.

We also planted the apple tree we bought at the Nordic Garden Fair and some of the berry plants. We also planted two types of corn and I am really excited to see how they fair, some potatoes and some bortolli beans.

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