1st Hugelkultur bed

Went to the allotment this morning to using the trees and the twigs we collected last week. We are hoping this helps us fro having to run down to swater everyday and helps to aerate the soil more because it’s mostly just highly compacted clay soil. 

The allotment was unused for over 3 years and when we started trying to grow last year were met with  just a mass of dandelions and grass roots so we have been slowly trying to improve the soil. 


Our final bed is probably about 1 foot higher than the rest of the lot because of the slow compaction of the wood and also because we were sure what the allotment would think of a high hugelbed so it just looks like a standard raised bed. 

Can’t wait to see how well it works

2 thoughts on “1st Hugelkultur bed

    • Hi! thanks ! It’s a recently new technique to me but I am really looking forward to seeing how effective it is.
      Also how long it will take to thaw next year after the winter.

      Glad to see you are also against the seed policy that has been proposed in the EU 🙂 fingers crossed they make the right decision!

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