Compost vs Mulch

Mulch and compost serve two different roles in the garden.

Compost is somethingyou want to become apart of your soil, rather than something that is intended to simply cover it like mulch.Compost is chock full of disease fighting organisms and  essential nutrients your plants need to thrive especially important if you’re an organic gardener, or simply trying to use fewer chemicals.  Compost needs to be where the roots are. If you place compost only on the surface, like mulch, it will help, but to really be effective, it needs to be incorporated where the action is.

Image: Created 6/12/2006 Photographer: Kessner Photography

Image: Created 6/12/2006 Photographer: Kessner Photography

Mulch on the other hand: mulch (for example leaves, shredded bark, or straw) , will eventually break down and add important nutrients to your soil, but the primary purpose of mulch is for it to cover your soil, to protect it and plant roots growing there from extreme temperatures, retain vital moisture, suppress weeds and soil-born diseases.

There are some great tutorials and information about composting available online.



Gorgeous Gardens From Garbage: How to Build a Sheet Mulch

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