Ancho seedling

Ancho seedling

The seedlings are growing slowly but surely. It is 12 degrees Celcius today but unlike yesterday the sun has come out. I currently have all my seedlings sitting on a table in front of a large window that gets the majority of the sun available during the middle of the day through to the evening.

During the days that aren’t raining or too overcast I move them out on the balcony so that they can be exposed to as much light as possible, but also to wind so that they grow as strong as possible. Especially in the case of tomatoes I like to try to have them grow as strong as possible because of the amount of wind at our allotment.


The berry bushes are coming along nicely.

The berry bushes are coming along nicely.

I have recently been discovering the german permaculture technique of hugelkultur which is basically raised garden beds filled with rotten wood. More information available on: My husband and I would love to try this at our allotment, because it offers solutions to the extremely compacted clay soil that we have as well as allowing the wood to water our plants. Although we can grow root vegetables to slowly break up the soul we would like to improve the soil as much as possible. The wood acts like a sponge and then the plants use the wood as a water source and allow many to grow plants that they would otherwise be unable to grow.

Hugelkultur after 1 year

Hugelkultur after 1 year

Another plus to hugelkultur for us would be that it would allow us to show others at the allotment that there are other ways of gardening. Many use chemicals like roundup and this is something that my husband and I strongly avoid.

On the forum there are a number of cold climate huelkultur examples including some in Northern American and Iceland. It will be exciting to see how effective it is and a good way of improving our soil.

If anyone has any tips on hugelkultur feel free to share them with us!

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