Got down to the allotment around 7:45am and it was around 6 degrees, but lovely and sunny and spent nearly 4 hours there. Because it was unused for over 3 years there was a bunch of grass and weeds when we started using it last year and this year we have 2 lots. 
The lots also had some redcurrants, goosberries, blackcurrants but they havent been looked after very well so today I trimmed them them back and removed the dead branches. 

We started to put our greenhouse together, but unfortunately only managed to get half of it done because putting the base up and levelling the soil took a lot longer than expected. Also the diagrams in the instructions were rather confusing. (Think IKEA catalogue but with more pieces) Kalle my husband planted his jerusalem artichokes (they are only for him because I hate them and think they taste like ants).

Looking like we should be able to get the potatoes and other plants planted next week, its still frozen about 60 cms into the clay soil but the top is relatively warm. 

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