Spring/Summer 2013

It’s hard to express how excited I am to start the growing year this year. My husband and I had our first year on our allotment last year but we were also plagued by terrible weather including blizzards in may and mostly rain and no sunshine. We were also too busy with our wedding to be able to walk to the allotment (kolonilott in swedish) enough to maintain it properly (weeding, watering etc).

This year looks like the weather will be alot more kind to us and so I thought I could share some things I’m really excited to grow this year, and some more information about our lives and how gardening is involved in it.

vintique_image (10)

Coriander/Cilantro: Having moved here from Australia, I can tell you one thing home-grown is SO much better. The coriander available in supermarkets here sadly has nearly no flavour. I miss being able to buy herbs cheaply that are flavourful but my own grown coriander tastes amazing. This year I am using cilantro from Baker Creek Seeds (USA) and Coriander from Runåbergs.


Paeonies/Poppy flowers: I have a combinating of paeonies and poppies that I plan to grow.

vintique_image (11)

Tomatoes/ Tomatilloes: We eat alot of tomatoes and mexican inspired food. I have wanted to grow tomatillos for quite a while and hope to preserve some at home.

Pickling cucumbers:  My husband and I are big pickle lovers, I favour kosher salt pickles while he loves vinegary pickles.

Chillies/Paprika: I love to use a variety of chillies in my cooking and preserving. This year I am growing a combination of Ancho chillies and some paprikas.

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